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Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Energy Massage Training

Learn the Lomi Lomi massage. Relieves tension, relaxes joints, stimulates self-healing process and can help people to let go.

Hawaiian Energy Massage Training

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The Hawaiian energy massage has its origins in the ritual temple massage of the 'Kahunas': master, shaman, or priest of Hawaii.

As you apply it as a therapy, you bring more quality of life to your clients. If you're already a massage therapist you can expand your practice offerings greatly through this technique. In addition, the trend continues upward for wellness and relaxation services, so there is a high demand for therapists in the spa and hotel market

Training content

You will learn the three principles of Hawaiian bodywork: breathing, flying and the massage technique.

Breathing: The technique of the mana. Breathing allows you to be during the massage in the river and helps you to connect with cosmic energy. With each inhalation, you boost yourself with mana and bring this power through your hands on the exhale.

Flying: Flying is a movement meditation of the Hawaiians, which allows you to move while the flowing steps around the massage table massage. It connects you to the power of the Earth and makes you touch from the heart at the same time.

The massage technique: Long wavy cuts, deep tissue massage, gentle joint loosening and energy work lead to a state of deep relaxation and allow body and soul to completely let go of everyday life. Each one of the elements of Earth, water, fire and air are thematically associated.

You can apply the massage:

  • As a professional massage technique
  • With friends and acquaintances
  • In private practice
  • In the spa / hotel market

If you're already a massage therapist you can expand your offer wonderfully through this technique. The trend for wellness and relaxation is always extensive, so that there is a high demand for therapists there.

Seminar leader

Participation requirement

Openness for yoga, spirituality and new experiences.


The massage ritual is a kind of final exam at the end of the training. You will receive feedback on the effect of the massage by the person whom you have massaged and the course instructor. With certificate.