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Tranquil Education
Hot Stone Massage Training

In this massage training, you will learn the handling of hot basalt stones. You will set the energy centers of the body part and use it in part to intensify full-body massage.

Hot stone massage
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The body is massaged with hot stones and jojoba oil. Basalt stones are heated in an oven to around 60 degrees Celsius. The smooth basalt stones, which are optimum for heat storage, are placed on the energy centers of the body part and used in part to intensify massage.

The chakras open due to the heat, which leads to absolute deep relaxation. This increases the efficiency of this special massage technique. You give a feeling of relaxation and calm the body, stimulate the blood circulation, support lymph flow, relaxe the muscles and activate the self-healing powers of the patient.

Training content:

  • Material science / history
  • neurological, vegetative and energetic effectiveness
  • Combinability with other methods
  • Learning individual grips
  • Working with hot stones
  • Giving a complete hot stone full body massage

Seminar leader

Participation requirement
Openness for yoga and meditation.